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Get to know AFDT Consultoria

The company AFDT Consultadoria, Comércio e Representações Lda, recently established and based in the scenic region of Alcochete, about half an hour from Lisbon. The company develops its activity in the area of business consultancy and investment services, focusing on specialized civil engineering, construction and real estate services. In addition to this activity, it brings together other valences such as national and international trade and representations of brands and companies. This business project bases its work on quality, ethics and transparency practices. This company is committed to setting goals with well-identified values:

Ingenuity, Efficiency and Competitiveness

Presentation of competitive, efficient, innovative and sustainable solutions, adapted to the needs and profile of the client.

Rigour and Integrity

We value and consolidate the trust of our clients through attitudes of technical rigour and integrity in relationships.


We follow the entire technical and commercial process, in a transparent and pragmatic way, where the client follows the evolution of the contractor.

Who Are We?

The partners have extensive experience in the company’s core business activities. Together we have built up over the years a significant international network, resulting from professional projects accumulated in other countries such as Switzerland, Spain, Nordic countries, Italy, Brazil and several African countries. The company has representative agents in Switzerland and Brazil.

Areas of Expertise


Real Estate

National and international trade

Representation of brands and companies

Why Choose Us?

At AFDT, we don’t just want to grow as an organisation and do business. For us, nothing is more important than knowing everything we can about your goals and helping you achieve them in a professional and transparent manner.

Why Choose Us?



We seek effective results, regardless of the project and complexity.


Our budgets are aligned with the market to meet the expectations you have for your business.


The company relies on highly professional and experienced experts, always meeting the deadlines it sets.


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